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Charter Pricing

Shared Charters
4 Hours   $150 per person

Private Charter - Up to 6 people
4 hours   $550
6 hours   $775
8 hours   $1,200

Night Swordfishing - Up to 6 people
8 hours   $1,200
10 hours $1,400

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Night Time Swordfishing Charters
Swordfish are one of the most highly sought after gamefish in the world, and Fort Lauderdale rivals anywhere, as one of the best places to catch them. With their incredible strength, speed, beauty, and ability to jump from the sea they offer the ultimate offshore challenge.
Just a short distance of about 14-16 miles off our coast lies the gulf stream, and in its nutrient rich waters lies some of the best Swordfishing on the planet. Our Swordfishing takes place at night, when they come up from the depths to feed on a variety of bait.

The techniques we employ include drifting in the currents of the gulf stream with squid and live bait. We also use lightsticks and lights under the boat to attract their attention.  While waiting for a bite there is an abundance of life that is attracted to the lights including Squid, Mackerel, Flying Fish, Dolphin, and often our intended quarry.

There are few thrills that match baiting an excited sword only feet from the boat. Once hooked the Swordfish displays speed and power like no other gamefish.

Join the “Lady Pamela” and let us take you on the fishing adventure of a lifetime.

Night Time Swordfishing Charter
6pm - 2am any night of the week
$1200 for up to 6 people

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